Writing Cool Hipsap and Cool Whatsapp Status Quotes

Cool whatsapp status

Cool whatsapp status is one of the ways through which you can let others know about your feeling and let them know what you think about them. What are the benefits of cool whatsapp status? It can help you to get the message across to your friends and family quickly. When you post your status on whatsapp, people who are searching for you on the internet can also view your message and read it. As a matter of fact, it becomes a viral method.

Your cool whatsapp status enables you to express your feelings, tell others what you think of them and show your emotions. Moreover, your cool personality quotes can help you in making friends, who are basically based on your own kind, which is why, it is always better to have the latest cool quotes and your most impressive status, which would clearly describe your mood, so, it goes without saying that it is always better to have the most recent and the most impressive cool personality quotes. And this is what we shall focus on in this article.

You might think why I am telling you this reason again. You might have forgotten all about it. But if you keep on wondering about it, then, you have not fully understood the importance of your cool whatsapp status. Just think about this situation; you are sending a message to a friend who is far away, who might not be able to understand your language very well, what more if the person whom you are sending the message to happens to be an English speaking person, what will he or she do in this case?

What will he or she do if he or she does not know what you look like, even less what your status is. Yes, it is true that, there are people who never know what to do in such cases, as they never take the time to study other options. They simply do not take the time to try and figure out the right words and the right meaning in which the said messages should be sent. They simply respond to sad whatsapp quotes and send the same. This might not be the right approach, you might say?

No, this is wrong. If you want to have a good and long relationship with a person, you should try and learn the basics, like the rules of the game. You need to study the personality of the person, before you start off dating him or her. If you know the right answers to the questions that he asks you in the first place, then, you can always be sure that he or she is a good person and will never have a kid like yours. That is a promise you should keep to, especially when it comes to meeting someone and getting to know each other.

Since the question was asked; will you still have a kid if you don’t reply on the short status messages? The answer is an absolute yes. Short status messages cannot kill your love relationship. Even if it is just a quick message and you don’t have time to elaborate on it, the person will get the point. He or she will definitely read the sad whatsapp quotes that you wrote and understand what exactly it meant to you.

The sad thing is that the person might not know that you have a daughter yourself. In such cases, you can give the child a funny status quote and they will understand that you have a daughter. This will help you establish a relationship in the future, when the kids are grown up and settle down. Since kids always like to compare their friends with their parents; it will always be better to have a cool personality than a funny one. It will only make them feel proud of you.

The internet offers free what isapp messages and funny whatsapp status quotes in various forms. There is no reason why you should not use it. You can write whatever you want in the messages. You will not come across as desperate for someone’s attention. Instead, you will convey that you are mature, responsible and above all, a great guy!